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CCTV Surveillance System

We are a leading CCTV camera provider and supplier in the Philippines who gain the trust of their growing clients and being referred to numerous companies and partners with different trusted to large CCTV distributors in the Philippines.

The strong partnership we had will make sure that we can provide and address solutions to your homes and companies that needs a varieties of CCTV Camera models, configurations, sizes and functions.

With the advance technology where our CCTV Security Camera were built, it is easy to upgrade and expand to secure your growing businesses that gives you a secured system for monitoring your home and offices without compromising your privacy.

CCTV Security Solution for Education

CCTV Security Solution Ensure Safety for Educational Environments.

CCTV Camera Philippines provide CCTV solution to Educational institutions keeping students and staff safe in educational environments that is becoming increasingly important. However, on-campus security installations still face many challenges. Systems’ integrators have a huge task when implementing a new system – juggling various site challenges, integrating new and existing systems, needs of students and staff, and of course the budget.

Dahua Technology & Hikvision provides a full range of select functions that suit a wealth of needs – for kindergartens, for grade schools, for universities. We have it all.

cctv retail

CCTV Security Solution for Retail

CCTV Security Solution Minimize Risk and Maximize Business

Dahua Technology & Hikvision’s retail solution caters to both small and big businesses, ranging from a convenience store to a spacious shopping mall. Although each business in the retail sector takes distinct forms and exhibits different characteristics, they all share the need for better property security and smarter management and operations. Based on a deep understanding of what each and every type of business might need, Dahua Technology & Hikvision can offer bespoke solutions that specifically answer the most concerning questions.



Intelligent Traffic Surveillance Solution

CCTV Security Solution for Traffic

Dahua Technology Surveillance & Hikvision Intelligent Traffic Surveillance are beating traffic jams. With Intelligent Video Technology that provides double the safety of the urban road. These transportation solution helps optimize an existing transportation infrastructure. Intelligent Traffic Surveillance alleviates traffic bottlenecks and maximizes traffic efficiency. It can immediately report theft in no time without human intervention with CCTV indoor camera and CCTV outdoor camera.

cctv building

CCTV Security Solution for Building

Creating Safe Environments for Work and Life

Safe living, Seamless access, All-In-One management, Quality residential. Building facilities face similar challenges in fulfilling security, comfort, and management efficiency demand.

Apartments, commercial complexes, and office buildings all serve unique purposes in daily life, yet share similar security requirements. This is precisely why Dahua Technology & Hikvision’s Building Solution offers a general package that includes several basic components for security and information – video surveillance system, alarm systems, entrance and exit systems, and access control systems.


CCTV Security Solution for Banking & Finance

CCTV Security Solution Safeguard Property and Promote Prosperity.

Safe living, Seamless access, All-In-One management, Quality residential.
Building facilities face similar challenges in fulfilling cctv security, comfort, and management efficiency demand.

The Dahua & Hikvision Banking & Finance Solution utilizes the latest cctv security technologies to secure banking transactions and improve management efficiency, keeping customers satisfied and your business running smoothly.




cctv safe city

CCTV Security Solution for Safe City

CCTV Security Solution Creating Safe Environments for Work and Life.

Creating a secure and serene environment is essential for cities to develop and thrive. With increasing urban densities, cities need more advanced CCTV security technologies to safeguard people and property. In years past, urban management relied entirely on manpower to ensure safety – police and private security guards. With the emergence of video technologies, cities welcomed a much more efficient way for keeping a sharp eye on things. Now, a very basic surveillance system makes first response and crime investigation much easier and faster.